Alaka‘i is a telehealth support system designed to assist you and your care team in discovering what makes your residents’ journey meaningful.

We find that even with the best intentions, we all face common barriers to achieving our health goals such as limited time, motivation, transportation, financial means, social support, family, stress and so much more. Our program focuses on those areas to assist elders to achieve higher social engagement and well-being.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your elders’ personas using KnowMe ™

  • Team augmentation.

  • Interdisciplinary support.

  • Improves quality of care.

  • Helps control cost of care.



  • $130 x Month x Community (Efficiency pack)

  • + $2.50 per resident per month (Engagement pack)

  • + $5.00 per resident per month (Well-being)

  • Optional: Enterprise $15 x Month x Community


  1. We identify who can best benefit
    Using our segmentation model.
  2. We work with caregivers for a trusted intro
    All of our work is built upon trusted relationships.
  3. We build trust & learn about each person
    We get to know the person first; we explore goals, challenges, values, and psychosocial attributes.
  4. We constantly navigate, coordinate & provide insights ensuring proper access and care paths based on personas – using various forms of tech to communicate with all parties.
  5. We continuosly learn what approach works best with each person. We use AI to constantly tailor care to each patient.


Well-Being Assessments
Well-being is a about a lot more than managing a disease. Alaka‘i provides holistic well-being assessments using a natural conversational approach instead of a questionnaire format. Well-being topics such as lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, and physical activity are explored through evidence-based assessments.

Progress Monitoring
Each patient develops a personalized well-being map that is used in goal setting and progress monitoring provided during scheduled check-ins.

Social Support
The Alaka‘i is available to listen, collaborate, and encourage throughout the process of care navigation.

Comprehensive Communication
An overview of the patient’s personalized well-being map and progress is provided to both the patient and the primary care provider.

The Alaka‘i can suggest and make referrals such as mental health and community services, as well as, other local resources.


Well-Being Map
To engage elders & provide physicians with quick access to helpful information

A Mobile Application
To engage older adults with messaging, collect noninvasive data on who they are over time, & connect them to their care team.

Structured Session Notes
Around psychosocial elements of health

Interventions Databank Learning
For different well-being profiles to learn from outcomes

Well-Being Radar
That evolves over time to bring awareness & assess progress