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LeadingAge 2018, LeadingAge


Nicole and Mickael are attending LeadingAge 2018 and look forward to the opportunity to learn, discover and meet like-minded people.

We are passionate about improving our elder’s care, engagement and well-being, and can’t wait to share with you!

Where would you like to meet? Your booth, presentation, group network event or even lunch or dinner?
Let’s make the most of this great event!

Meet us at LeadingAge 2018.

Nicole Schroeter

LeadingAge 2018, LeadingAge, Nicole Schroeter

“Ready to be inspired! I love learning and being a part of a community with so many wonderful people”

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LeadingAge 2018, LeadingAge, Mickael Mann

Michael Mann

” Inspired to be part of a dynamic community that strives to lead the way in caring and serving our older adults” 

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