Sagely and VoCo partnership

Sagely and VoCo partnership – Empower your community with Alexa today! 

We partnered with VoCo to enable Alexa skills in communities and enhance older adult’s engagement!

We joined forces with VoCo  to offer an innovative, integrated Alexa solution to your senior living communities that subscribe to Sagely’s services. Your community staff will be able to utilize Alexa to streamline their operations and enable residents to feel more connected and independent.

VoCo’s intuitive platform syncs with Sagely’s software to retrieve community-specific data and respond to older adults’ inquiries about calendar events, activity schedules, daily menus, and more. The platform makes life easier and more enjoyable for older adults by offering medication reminders, weather and news updates, community-wide calling, and playing unlimited music from their favorite artists.

The voice-activated technology interacts with older adults and produces an emotional response that can help fight isolation and loneliness which are risk factors for a wide range of health problems including dementia.





Sagely and VoCo partnership, ALEX BITOUN

“Enabling voice recognition to our systems provides one more way for caregivers and residents to interact with our Sagely platform,” said Alex Bitoun, president and CEO of Sagely. “VoCo provides amazing technology and is very aligned with our mission and commitment to older adults. We are excited to partner on this journey together.”


Sagely and VoCo partnership


Sagely and VoCo partnership“VoCo reduces the barrier of technology adoption by older adults by customizing their experience with onsite, hands-on training of the Alexa device.” President of VoCo, Leon Coe, said, “VoCo is thrilled to be partnering with Sagely in the first major integration between a leading resident engagement platform and a top voice-first provider. Together, customers will be able to seamlessly access Sagely’s world-class applications through a senior-friendly voice platform. Sagely customers will also have access to VoCo’s development team to build custom, voice-first applications to boost profitability, increase operational efficiency and improve seniors’ lives.”



What the industry is saying…


“We are looking forward to introducing this [Alexa] program to our independent living communities nationwide.” 

– Cooper Vittitow, Chief Operating Officer, Civitas Senior Living

100% of residents who participated in the two-phase program said Alexa made their lives easier.”

– HealthTech


Sagely voco partnership


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About VoCo:

VoCo builds voice applications for older adults in senior living communities. VoCo’s apps engage residents with their community, streamline senior living community operations, and helps older adults reap the rewards of the latest technology. Visit VoCo for more information.


About Sagely:

Sagely is a digital health company focused on keeping elders happy, healthy, connected, and independent. We marry the power of software, data, and the human element to empower caregivers, older adults, and their families to improve older adults’ well-being. Sagely is working with some of the largest and most reputable senior living communities across Hawaii, the mainland U.S. and Canada, and is committed to develop and implement technology that ensures elders are vitally connected to their loved ones, leading to measurable improvements in quality of life and health. Visit Sagely for more information.