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Join special guests:
Dr. Warren Wong
Sagely’s Medical Director
 Jules Gorum
Health Personas’s Director of Care Services
for an informative discussion on the whole person approach.
Webinar seniro living
NOTE: Dr. Wong and Jules want to hear and respond to your pressing questions.
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Webinar Moderators

  Alex Bitoun, CEO of Sagely

Hollie Kemp, EVP of Sagely 


Beyond Physical – The Impact of COVID-19 on the Whole Person

This webinar will provide help answer some of these questions and more! Leave your questions in our comment section, or on the register page form.

Dramatic steps are being implemented to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This brings unique challenges to those caring for seniors.


  • What are the potential long-term impacts on our elders of the ongoing isolation, restrictions, and lifestyle changes due to COVID-19?
  • How can a whole person approach to care alleviate any possible negative effects?
  • What steps can senior living communities take to be prepared for the virus, and also address the impacts of significant changes to residents’ lives?