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How did you discover your passion to work with elders?

Right after high school, I took classes to become a CNA. I loved every part of being able to make a difference in someone’s life. I took my first steps into this industry working at a Rehabilitation Center where I worked AM, PM, and NOC. The opportunity to bring joy to so many or even just one person through activities brought so much joy into my life. It became effortless.

Finding Cedar Creek Senior Living and being part of a GREAT team makes me love what I do even more. I have the grandest of opportunities to wake up every morning, come to my second home and make a difference in their lives. On any given day, we have one-on-one and group outings to multiple locations, grab food and share in laughter and stories.

There is a quote that says;

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”


I am with Cedar Creek for over 2 years and I am passionate about what I do every day. I wasn’t able to grow up with my grandmother or grandfather as we grew up in California . They were in a different state.  But I have been gifted in my lifetime, as my daughter says when we come to visit; “Mom you have a lot of grandmas and grandpas.”


Can you tell us about an emotional/important time in your career with your elders?

One of the most cherished memories I will hold forever would be when I conducted a Living the Dream for 3 residents this past June. Dorothy, Rosemary, and Bea were all so elated to go. It was a few days later that my life changed completely.

I was doing one-on-one room visits as usual and I happened to choose Dorothy’s room to visit that day. I was greeted by hugs. We sat down and conversed for what seemed like hours and she said;

“I have had the best years of my life here. Favi look at me. Your energy and your passion to do what you do and do it with so much love has not only changed my life but so many of us. And you do it every day. You have been placed in our lives to be that little light of joy.

She is a witty gal, feisty and tells it how it is. She has become one of my biggest supporters and promoters in all activities that I conduct. I don’t know if it was her reaffirmation or the three friendships but I hold this moment in my heart. It was a moment that confirmed that what I am doing today, is where I am supposed to be.


What do you love about working in the senior living industry?

Being able to make a difference small or big in the lives of our residents. Whether it be stepping into an activity, conducting an activity, one-on-one visits, or stopping and having a casual conversation outdoors or in the lobby. Their voices are being heard. Creating something, an activity or a conversation that they can look forward to and love every single day.


What is your life philosophy and/or a quote that’s meaningful to you?

“God is within her she will not fall.”

“Wake up running, do everything with love, and find a reason to smile every day.”

“Be passionate about what you do every day.” -ISL


What are some of your hobbies and/or things you love to do?

I love making people smile, laughing, and travelling. Tell me where and when and my bags are already packed.

My favourite hobbies; are being a mom, educating myself, water aerobics; which I conduct myself at Cedar Creek. Being outdoors, creating and designing events, decorating, crafting, baking, and looking for the next great adventure.


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