Alakaʻi offers a new approach to serving older adults focused on increasing quality of life. This digital communication platform enables us to honor older adults, recognizing their wisdom and life experience, create reciprocal relationships, and reinstate dignity and self-determination.

We believe focusing on paths to well-being, not just disease management, lead to more engaged conversations, better choices, and healthier outcomes. We believe in building trustworthy long-term relationships. Support is available at any time, every day.

The Alakaʻi approach extends opportunities for older adults to take initiative and responsibility for their life’s direction and decisions. Alakaʻi also empowers communities with this new approach so that older adults’ needs are better understood and are able to take concrete actions to improve their overall well-being toward happiness, health, connection, and independence.

Alakaʻi is an extension of Sagely, offering a combination of activity and engagement data collected with a human element. We engage with older adults and communities through a digital communication platform to build long-term relationships with older adults and their families. We engage in regular conversations designed to develop trust and openness and to identify signs of health conditions. We share Alakaʻi’s guiding principles to walk with older adults as they seek happiness, health, connection, and independence.

Alakaʻi represents leadership in Hawaiian. Those who are Alakaʻi lead by caring for others. Courage and initiative are important, yet secondary to leadership. To be Alakaʻi is to be willing to shoulder the greater responsibility that comes with leading others, to inspire them, and remove their fears. Through Hawaiian history, the ruling royalty fully understood that they could only guide others when they had gained their trust and respect.