At Sagely we understand the constant demands that can occupy caregivers and staff and get in the way of their passion to care for residents and make a difference in their lives.

That’s the reason we developed a solution to enable communities to help elders on their journey to well-being.

Sagely is a senior living resident engagement platform that allows communities to deeply understand their residents and engage them in more active lives. We use the power of data, insights and automation to provide staff with tools for collaboration, communication and organization.


Imagine a day when your team can rely on an intuitive, powerful solution to help you:

    • Streamline admin tasks to focus on your residents’ well-being

    • Use rich resident profiles to inform wellness program design

    • Track and trend residents’ activities to maximize engagement

    • Measure resident well-being to enable proactive intervention

    • Keep families connected to provide them with peace of mind

Find out more below with our 3 packages ranging from improving efficiency to a full resident engagement solution.

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Simplify your days

Everything you need to stay organized, promote engagement, communicate with elders, families, and care teams lives in one place.


  • More time with your elders
  • Easily get the word out to your residents
  • All integrated in one package



  • Calendars
  • TV Signage
  • Newsletter Builder




  • $160 x Month x Community
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Operational Excellence

Build trust with elders, families, and decision-makers by offering responsive, personalized information.


  • Measure residents’ engagement
  • Understand effectiveness of programs
  • Keep families informed
  • Engage elders directly with your activities
  • Streamline communication to residents
  • Track and measure resident well-being


  • Efficiency Features
  • Community App
  • Family App
  • Resident Check-Ins
  • Resident Profiles
  • Well-Being Assessments
  • Resident Engagement / RSVP
  • Comprehensive Reports


  • $130 x Month x Community
  • + $2.50 per resident per month

Residents Quality of Life

KnowMe helps you discover what makes each elder’s life journey meaningful as Sagely supports your care team.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your elders’ personas using KnowMe
  • Team augmentation
  • Interdisciplinary support
  • Improves quality of care
  • Helps control cost of care


  • Efficiency Features
  • Engagement Features
  • Alaka’i Well-Being Program
  • Personal Social Engagement
  • Personal Well-Being Care
  • KnowMe


  • $130 x Month x Community
  • + $2.50 per resident per month (Engagement)
  • + $5.00 per resident per month (Well-being)

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